Sun. Dec. 1, 2019 – on the first day of Christmas….

Warm. Damp. [not as such, 61F and 44%RH at 730]

Did day one of my class yesterday and day two is today. It does involve some minor metal work, some esoteric knowledge, and some hand work, so if I stretch, really far, under very specific types of collapse, it MIGHT have some prepper applications. But I am doing it to learn new things and keep my brain working. And it is a great way to spend some time with guys in meatspace with a shared interest.

Subsequently I will be away from the internet most of the day.

We did get our Christmas tree up and dressed last night, and some of the indoor decor in place. I do love the smell of a tree. We’re supposed to have a couple of clear days in a row, so I’m hoping to get the outdoor stuff up tomorrow afternoon or Monday.

We’re on the downhill slide to Christmas and the end of the year now. We’ll be traveling for the holidays too, which is another whole ball of wax. I’m really hoping for a white Christmas for the kids, and a dozen inches isn’t unusual in Michigan…

God willing and the creek don’t rise…