Mon. Dec. 9, 2019 – more to do, speeding toward Christmas

Cool and damp. [68F and wet]

Well I did get some things done yesterday, but not what I wanted to. I even got up early. But between the return of the campers, and getting ready for the recital, there wasn’t much contiguous time to really get going.

Campers had a great weekend.

I’ll have to do better today. Of course, some time this week I have to get to College Station for an auction pickup.

And my volunteer day is Wednesday or Thursday. If Wed. I need to get a lesson and lab together for geology. We’ve got plenty of cool rocks and minerals, I’m just not sure how to get ‘hands on’ with them… probably sorting and identifying, like last year if I can’t figure out something more fun. I’m thinking of maybe identifying 3 white powders- salt, talc, sand/quartz, or maybe borax or calcium carbonate or chalk… I’ll have to do some looking online. Maybe react them with water, vinegar, touch them, etc. At least I have a day or two to figure something out.

In the wider world, more rumblings in the world’s economies. More banks cutting back, hedge funds shutting down or stopping people from withdrawing. More anti-government violence in Iran, France, Chile, Hong Kong, etc. Not much news from Venezuela, but I’m thinking things aren’t getting better or we’d be hearing about it.

Closer to home, more attacks on the second amendment, free speech, and privacy.

I’m telling ya, it’s getting worse. I do see people pushing back though. I see the 2A sanctuary city thing happening. I see people pushing back against pc and progtalk. I saw that a huge number of firearms were sold on Black Friday. Those are hopeful signs. Maybe it’s just getting started, or maybe it’s too little too late, but I guess we’ll see one way or the other. Plan for one, temper the plans with the other.