Thur. Dec. 5, 2019 – volunteer day today at school, and then pickups

Chilly and damp.

I got some stuff done yesterday.

I blew leaves and cut the yard. LOTS of sycamore leaves and pine needles in the yard. It looks so much better when cut. I try to be a good neighbor and keep things looking nice.

I got a couple of things listed on ebay that got them out of the house. No hits on any of my craigslist yet. That’s super disappointing.

Didn’t get anything done on mom’s pc.

I’m doing the assistant gig today for the fifth grade classes. I have no idea what the kook is going to do as a unit today, but I hope he’s got something planned. I don’t want to have to pull something out of my backside.

I’ll be out and away for most of the day.

Talk amongst yourselves….