Mon. Dec. 16, 2019 – about a week to go, not ready!

Warm and wet. [72F and 99%RH]

Finally did get some lights up yesterday. I had no problem with the stuff going back into the same place as last year. I put some of the moving effects in different places this year and I’ve got a couple more things to do today. I have changed the display nightly in the past, but I’ll just be adding to mine this year.

There is a bunch of discussion around the blogs about Virginia, gun grabbers, and the shot (to be) heard round the world. People are making a good case for it happening soon. Since history is rarely that neat, I’m gonna say that it won’t be there. Could be though. Pay attention, and keep stacking. Priority to defensive tools.

I don’t like the idea of being away from home for a week, but at least it’s not the east coast this time. I intend to rotate and supplement the basic food and gear stockpile I have started there. There are worse places to be stuck if the balloon goes up than small town Michigan, while waiting to see how things shake out. Worst case, we can drive home from there.

Closer to home, I added to the cans stored here. I bought a ton of cold weather preps this week at auction and some minor medical stuff that doesn’t usually come up for sale. Some bits and pieces of add on gear and parts for defensive tools fell into the box too.

Dinner tonight was rotating a beef roast out of the freezer, roasted new potatoes, canned peas (which I prefer to almost any other peas), and shelf stable bread. Dessert was mini pumpkin pies, tiny crusts from the fridge, filling and condensed milk from storage cans, whipped cream fresh from the store. Bits and pieces, bits and pieces. Tried some canned kale at dinner last week. Shop the ethnic aisle for some variety in your stored food. It wasn’t terrible, but a little bland. Nothing bacon wouldn’t fix…

Busy week ahead. Wed. I have my fourth grade science class. Thur. and Friday are half days at school and we travel Friday after school. I’ve got to get back out to my customer’s house during the week too. What did Jerry say? It’s a great life if you don’t falter….