Thur. Dec. 19, 2019 – counting down the days…

Cold. Damp. Still/again/of course… [36F and frost on the cars]

Did my volunteer edumacating of the kinder yesterday. It’s really fun and very satisfying. I will point out, I’m like a grandparent. I can spoil them/ get them wound up and then give them back. It’s not something I think I could do every day.

Today should be wrapping up things here around the house before my Christmas trip. Presents, yard work and decor, cleaning, and dropping off presents to my gub store buddies. Oh, laundry and packing too.

I’m having a real internal debate about carrying to MI. I’m not just passing through Illinois on my way there, so I’m not protected by Federal law. I’m staying with my sibling the first night in Illinois. That opens me up to potential issues that I have avoided in the past. No one wants to be the test case. On the other hand, I can provide the locked case, and probably mostly comply. Not having it, and having to drive home if something bad happened would be very unpleasant. There is a lot of bad area between here and there. It will probably come down to whether I have any weight left in my checked bag…

Meanwhile, they world continues on pace for meltdown and realignment. Big trouble brewing domestically too. Virginia is nuts, as Gov. Blackface seems intent on testing the resolve of the population wrt gun confiscation and posse comitatus. There are so many ways this could go wrong I can’t even make a prediction. When I get nervous though, I tend to stack gear and preps. There are many things easily and cheaply available right now, that might not be if things go pear shaped. And there are SO MANY ways things can go pear shaped. I know, we’ve been saying that for a long time and nothing drastic has happened. Just the slow drip drip drip of constraints building and freedoms eroding. One day the icicle falls though.

With that cheery thought, time’s a wasting. Better get the kids out the door and start my day.