Sun. Dec. 22, 2019 – only 2 shopping days left…

Cold and wet here, lots of snow melt.

Good day yesterday. All the traditional snow activities for little kids were introduced and practiced. LOTS of homemade cookies were eaten. Wine was consumed (by others) and presents were stacked under the tree. Three huge dogs got their freshly bathed bellies skritched.

A good day.

I hope your holiday preps are happening smoothly, and your lives are where you want them to be.

I need to get the kids out to buy for each other and mom, and we might go see the Star Wars movie. Dunno. Maybe it will snow a bit more. That would be cool.

I also have to add to and rotate out some stocks in my cache here. I was disappointed to see that the Walmart here doesn’t carry the canned Keystone meat anymore. I’ll have to add some other canned foods I guess. The rice bucket is marked 9/17, so that needs replacing. Most of the rest is canned, but any box or pouch meals might need replacement too. It’s winter now, so maybe I’ll be able to find some hand or foot warmers to use as O2 absorbers.

Anyway, stuff to do!