Mon. Oct. 28, 2019 – finally a completely open day

Low 50s and damp. [actually, 60F and 99%RH]

Beautiful day yesterday. Started cool and overcast but turned into a picture postcard day. Chamber of Commerce weather.

My calendar for today is completely clear. All the things I need to do are MY things. I better get some done. No excuses today. Groceries are in. Kids are at school. No pickups or sales. Just fix stuff to list, fix stuff to use, list stuff, and maybe take a load to auction.

Hopefully the news cycle will leave me alone so I can work on stuff.

Late last night in yesterday’s comments I posted a link to a zerohedge article about the fedgov takeover of broadcasting. 1934. Funny how that year crops up in other places that seriously curtail another amendment to the constitution. Almost as if there was a change in the character of our government…. Anyway, if even half the stuff he writes about is accurate, and his interpretation is correct, it explains a lot about how we got to here.

Some other things to think about are real ebola and pig ebola. One is still going on in africa, the other in China. I should have a list of things I’ve gotten wrong. Price movements for food would appear several times on the list… almonds got a couple of bucks more, then went back down. Ham got expensive, then went back down. Maple syrup is down almost 3 or 4 dollars from its high. Stock market didn’t crash (yet). Oil came down from $100/bbl. So maybe I’m not the best predictor of market prices, but if china has killed or lost almost twice the number of pigs in the whole US, and this pig ebola is now spreading outside of China, it might be time to stack some bacon and chops in the freezer. Just sayin’. You can always eat them later, and they are inexplicably cheap atm (unless it’s because of impending feed shortages, and farmers are selling off herds before they get sick, especially with high demand). In any case, if it’s cheap, and might get dear, putting some away makes sense.

If you thought you might like to raise some chickens, this would be the time to start climbing that learning curve.

The same goes for shooting supplies.

80% lowers are no good without at LEAST having barrels (same for stripped lowers). And complete uppers can be had cheaply ATM. Heck, PSA has complete AR kits, minus the lower receiver, for very good prices. (I’ve posted links previously.) My gun store buddy can’t compete and doesn’t see how they can do it for long. Ammo, mags, and parts kits, as well as web gear, could all become very dear literally overnight. Personal armor could vanish with the stroke of a pen, just like bump stocks.

When things get bad, they usually do it very quickly and it catches people by surprise. SOME people though see it coming. Do you see any path at all that has things getting better before they get worse? If not, what are you doing to get ready?