Wed. Oct. 9, 2019 – huh, thought I did a post, but I didn’t

66F and 99%RH.

Spent last evening in our HOA meeting. It was our “year in review” meeting, and had the election of our section reps. Most people were elected by 6-8 votes, and the contested elections were both won by 2 votes. LOCAL is where your vote counts most. Use it.

Our long serving (but retiring) City Councilwoman was there to present the current state of our district, and projects of concern to us (mainly flood control.) Again, knowing her, recognizing her and her aides, and perhaps most importantly, being recognized by her from other meetings and other organizations is important. Like them or hate them, if we are to have rule of law, it starts close to home.

Civic engagement takes time, and takes getting out of the house. It doesn’t mean knocking on every door in the ‘hood and chatting with the residents, but you won’t meet them, or see them, or be seen by them, sitting at home.

Your city council, HOA, school board, Park District, or Business improvement district are all made up of neighbors. They (arguably) have more direct impact on your life than the madarins in DC. Get involved. Don’t let the selfish manipulating progs fill every position and do whatever they want.

Thus endeth the post.