Tues. Oct. 22, 2019 – work, work, work…

Hot and wet? Could be, but it was beautiful by the end of the daylight hours yesterday. Sun came out, temps were held down, and the clear blue sky was great. Even had some pretty pinks and reds at dusk.

Picked up some of my auction items. Lots of parts for various build projects are piling up in the garage.

I’ll probably never get to them. Oh well, I’ll have them there if I need them.

Hit the Costco run yesterday and spent a bunch more than usual. Didn’t get bulk, but did pile a bunch of stuff in the cart. Sometimes my self-discipline sucks. I hope I do better at the grocery store today.

Rain delayed and shifted some of my plans so there is a cascade effect. Running around doing pickups added to that.

I’ve got my school volunteer days on Wed. and Thur. so I really need to get ahead of the curve.

Lots of yard decor to do too, but that falls down the list with each day.