Tues. Oct. 1, 2019 – Fall.

mid-70s and wet…. [75F and 99%RH at 6am]

But definitely Fall. We may still get a couple of really hot days, but we’re over the hump. I hope.

Some errands to run around town today.

Paid the state for my truck registration online last night. If you gotta do it, being able to do it online, with automatic confirmation of your insured and inspected state is very convenient. Quite a lot of state sponsored data sharing and oversight. But convenient, and they thanked me and reminded me that I’m supporting a number of good and helpful programs with my registration money. Very pleasant. Of course, all that linked data sharing is in service of catching cheats and increasing compliance, but it’s still convenient.

If you’re gonna institute a surveillance state, at least use the data collected to make things easier for your subjects.