Tues. Oct. 8, 2019 – October is already slipping away…

Cooler, but still humid. Feels better.

As I was doing the yardwork yesterday, I realized it’s been almost a year since we had our early frost. I still have light bulbs in the citrus trees that I never put away. Lazy or cunning, you choose!

There is some indication that Trump is now just ‘going for it’ on a number of issues, perhaps with nothing to lose, and needing to put up a visible win. My knee jerk is to support the Kurds, but I really don’t know the situation with them. After Sadaam killed a bunch when we left last time, I’m not inclined to abandon an ally again. However, is that really the case? I would certainly like to get disentangled from Syria, and I’ve been saying that we should let the middle east learn to drink oil and eat sand, and leave them to it. I do like the idea of destroying Turkey’s economy if they break their deal. Let them extort Europe. Of course that is tough on Europe, what with the refugee situation. Once you open a door it’s hard to close it. With Turkey, once you pay the danegeld, you’ll never be rid of the Dane….

One thing of great concern, as the world’s apple carts continue to be upset, TPTB will become more desperate. False flags, straight up terror attacks, or the hidden hand holding the purse- I expect the violence to ramp up dramatically in the next year. I expect at least one more attempt on Trump’s life or his family. It’ll come when the impeachment nonsense fails to catch hold. Either that, or a major attack. I’ve hope I’m wrong because that will be bad no matter how it plays out.

So I’m continuing on my course. Some small changes, like to my load out in my truck, and moving solar and the whole house gennie further along, but overall, more of the same.

So, anyone work on their preps last week? Anyone working on a secondary money stream? Meeting people? New skill? Does anyone shoot competitively (even if infrequently or poorly?)

Let me know how it’s going…