Sun. Oct. 20, 2019 – October is 2/3 gone…

Not so cool and still humid. [78F and 99%RH @9am]

Got some stuff done yesterday. Cut the grass, blew the leaves and debris. Weedwacked around the driveway, along the fence as part of my cleanup and get rid of stuff plan. Got some camping gear out for my wife to use with the Girl Scouts next weekend.

Didn’t get any decor set up, and left all of Friday night’s stuff in the truck. It was over 90F Sat. afternoon, and I just wasn’t ready for that.

FEMA national forecast calls for Houston to get rain. I hope it holds off for at least a little while. I’ve got to get some decor set up and do some work in the driveway and patio or my wife will finally lose patience and call 1800 Got Junk. Can’t have that.

My apple tree that had fruit this year suddenly looks like it’s dying. The leaves are shriveled and brown. No clue what might have killed it. I’m hoping it’s just fall, but the other tree looks fine, and when the leaves turn they don’t usually shrivel. Dammit, I got ONE golf ball sized apple. ONE! That’s $50 per apple, not counting water…

Maybe I’ll get to the garden today. Hope springs eternal.