Thur. Oct. 3, 2019 – nothing to see here

mid 70s still, and damp [74F, 99%RH at 6am]

Yesterday was sunny and a bit cooler, but so humid. Even just unloading stuff from my pickup slowly and carefully in the driveway in the shade left me soaked in sweat.

Did my ham group lunch meeting. Had some interesting chats. The group is definitely a bit right leaning.

Need to spend part of today getting ready for our weekend trip. I have no desire to go, but 50th wedding anniversaries don’t come every year and family is family. It’s an expensive trip, but thankfully short.


Ol’ commie Bernie can play down his medical issue, but it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck and it’s a F’ing duck. Heart attack should be the end of his presidential aspirations.

Ol’ murderin’ Hilarity is about to throw in her hat, and that should be interesting to see. Cat fight at 11!

None of it’s good for us common folk. The elephants are dancing and us mice better look lively or we’ll be looking deathly soon enough.

I guess I better get crackin’.