Sat. Oct. 19, 2019 – sleeping in a bit, I hope, then lots of household stuff

Cool and humid? yeah, we got that.

Today should be a good day to do yard and house stuff. One volleyball game late morning, and nothing else on the calendar.

I lost three days for the funeral trip, and before that three days for the inlaws anniversary party trip… that’s a week out of this month. No wonder I feel behind.

Time for the weekly round up. What did you guys do to prep? Thanks to pcb_duffer for his update on post hurricane Florida, anyone got anything from the Cali fires and blackouts?

About the only pure prepping thing I did this short week was feeding the family Sweet Sue canned chicken and dumplings over a slice of white bread with white gravy. All but the bread from stores. It wasn’t poison, but it wasn’t a hit either.

So what have you done??