Fri. Oct. 11, 2019 – tired and sore, more work to do

75F and 99%RH. No cold front for me! It got pretty hot yesterday and the humidity never relented. Thankfully it was better in the shade with a breeze. Under a house is usually shady, the breeze part was a gift.

Got my flights to ORD. If you’re willing to fly at really bad times, short notice flights aren’t all rapacious.

No word yet from the plumber on when someone will be available to meet me. Oh, and the kids are off school today, so normally that means I’d have them all day. Wife will have to work from home to give me the flexibility I need. With the kids home, not much work will get done, unless she parks them in front of the netflix or a tablet.

Laying on one’s back, and working on stuff with one’s hands above the head, uses all sorts of weird muscle groups. One is quite stiff and sore today.

Well, my calendar is full for the rest of the month….

Better get started.