Fri. Oct. 18, 2019 – school daze school days, dear old golden rule dayz

Cool and damp? Probably. [54F and 99%RH]

Got a bunch of stuff done yesterday but not anywhere near enough to make TODAY easier….

I’ll start at the rent house installing the craigslist/facebook dryer. If it actually works, I’ll be happy. If not, the number of jailhouse and gang tattoos on the seller will have me pulling parts and putting them on ebay, while trying to find another replacement. Guy and his girlfriend might be completely honorable, but I don’t need to find out for the small change I’ve got invested…

Then some personal care, and placing some items where they might sell locally.

Then to round out the afternoon and evening, I will be installing temporary and fun! lighting for our school’s Fall Festival today. Then I’ll be packing it up, a bit later. No roadies or tour buses for me, but my wife will help. I’ve got a 400w long throw UV floodlight, a rock concert venue sized fog machine, and some colored lights to put the fun! in dis-functional… I can’t wait until my daughters need me to start supplying sound systems or bigger light shows. I’m a one man rental house 😉 and I like my geezer rock LOUD…