Fri. Jan. 4, 2019 – appointments today, and kids at home

36F and wet out. That feels pretty dang cold BTW.

Up early because it is family dentist day, YEA! Or not. We’re all in pretty good shape so there shouldn’t be any uncomfortable surprises, nor expensive ones, but I’ll touch wood just in case.

Making sure your health care is up to date is an important prep. Don’t let things fester. Literally.

I guess we’ve got a couple of days to see what the world and markets do now that we’ve put Nancy and a bunch of haters in the House. Anyone think we’ll get a new Camelot? No? Didn’t think so. Pity that time travel doesn’t exist. Imagine a world where Teddy died in a ditch alongside Mary Jo. No change in immigration policy from europeans to third worlders for one. That would have a HUGE impact. Now take out Bill Ayers and eliminate that long game. Those two edits alone might have been enough to save what we had. Maybe interfere with Woodward and Bernstein just enough to prevent the toxic erosion of faith in government, and creating the idea that the activist was the highest form of journalism….

You see Johnny, one person CAN make a difference.