Wed. Jan. 30, 2019 – cold, but dry today

38F and 57%RH this morning and the forecast calls for clear and dry. Which is good.

I’m getting curmudgeonly in my late middle age… particularly with words and language. I see standards slipping right in front of me, and I read it as a sign of the decline. Look at the language of music, popular entertainment, and everyday discourse, and it has all been degraded. I know it’s a living thing. They’re killing it.

I see and hear ‘woman’ used for ‘female’. “There was a woman cashier working at the counter.” Hate that.

I see people consistently using ‘few’ and ‘less’ wrong. Even educated people who know it’s wrong still use ‘few’ or ‘fewer’ for both cases.

Seven yo started saying “Ima read a book.” “Ima clean my room.” The laziness of black slang, is intolerable to me in a white 7 year old student in Gifted and Talented classes. At least my wife agrees on this one. Laziness is a hard habit to break though and she says that she thinks it’s “easier” to say it.

Right now, I’m’a get her butt out of bed and ready for school…