Thur. Jan. 10, 2019 – It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it

64F and 40%RH. Stunningly dry.

Getting the Christmas decor in just jumped up my list. I turned most of it off last night. I was the last in the neighborhood. I’ve been waiting for it to dry off before putting it back in the garage attic.

I try to put my political thoughts in the comments area and leave the post for more concrete stuff. But. I was struck by these two headlines.

” Deutsche Bank To Spend About $2 Billion On Bonuses, Despite “Cuts”

“Deutsche Bank has a severe talent loss problem and this bonus cut will exacerbate the problem. Focusing on top performers is not new…”

–these would be the ‘top performers’ whose efforts resulted in the bank losing a large chunck of it’s own stock market valuation, while “The bank’s revenue for 2018 is slated to be the lowest since the 2008 financial crisis and the article notes that the bank’s fourth quarter was “negatively affected by police raids on the lender’s headquarters in November””.

And this one:

“Nancy Pelosi Says 66,000 Opioid Deaths and 25,000 Illegal Alien Murders Is a “Manufactured Crisis””

–this would be the same Nancy Pelosi that dances in the blood of every shooting victim when she wants to justify eliminating one of our Constitutional rights- manufacturing a crisis where none exists.

Bonuses for failure- paid with other people’s money.
Your death, or the death of a loved on- just not more important than scoring political points.

We are on our own.