Tues. Jan. 15, 2019 – something going on…

46F and 83%RH. My hands are stiff as paddles which usually means a big change in barometric pressure. I can’t see that part of my weather station from my desk though.

Amazon is having issues. Maybe it’s distractedness, or maybe there is another issue going on. I’ve maintained for a while that they are poisoning the well by letting all these third parties sell as if they were amazon. This has let all the counterfeiters and scammers in. There are categories and products you just can’t buy on amazon anymore.

There seems to be another type of scammer, one who lists all kinds of popular items, but doesn’t actually have them. They are hoping to source the item cheaply and ship once it’s ordered. I had this happen at Christmas with a piece of jewelry. Factory discontinued the item, all the stores showed no inventory, but 3 days later it was “still available” on amazon. Nope. When I ordered, everything looked fine, but in a couple of days the order got canceled. I think, when the reseller couldn’t get the item.

Yesterday the same thing happened with some meat bars. All is good when ordered (inventory showing “last two, hurry”. Then a couple of days later, order canceled due to “technical reasons.”

To have this happen twice in a month, and NEVER before, with modern inventory management, shows a problem.

Perhaps not coincidentally, walmart just emailed that my order with them (and a third party) has been delayed. Hmmm.

Something stinks in Denmark, and it isn’t the tasty cheese.