Thur. Jan. 31, 2019 – look over here! Shiny thing!

49F and a bit drier than normal at 85%RH. Supposed to have no rain until later, but we’ll see.

It strikes me that the public is being bombarded with the outrage of the day, and one tempest in a teapot after another, while major changes are ignored. This is not a NEW thing, and many have commented about it here, and elsewhere. Their tactics WORK, however and we need to keep taking a step back and asking “What AREN’T we seeing?” They also like to be right, and to cover their @sses. They will often report the important truth, without comment or explanation, so that they can later say “we reported this last year, and look- we were right!”

Keep asking the question, “What isn’t being reported?” “Why are they showing us THIS thing?” “Why NOW?”

Someone elsewhere recently pointed out “What’s on the news, isn’t.”

Stay frosty my friends. Repetition, outrage, lies, and misdirection WORK.