Fri. Jan. 18, 2019 – another week gone by

58F and wet, again. You’d think it was winter or something. Yesterday afternoon opened up and was just gorgeous. The forecast was revised warmer too, not even a frost. We’ll see if that changes again.

The game of chicken continues in Washington, but the rest of the world isn’t sitting still. I feel like we’re the little pebbles at the top of the mountain that have just started moving, on the way to becoming an avalanche.

In related news, my order of freeze dried and canned meat mostly arrived. Cans were rattling around in a big box with no filler, not even paper. One can of Keystone came separately in a padded envelope. Not even an invoice or packing slip. The dryer sheets I ordered for pickup at the local walmart have STILL not arrived. They sent me an email saying ‘parts of my order have been delayed.’ Again I’m thinking some sort of shenanigans. I’ve gotten epackets from China in less time.

Daily duty calls,