Thur. Jan. 3, 2019 – I forgot we’re in a shutdown….

45F and drizzle. Another dreary day.

A small reminder to give thanks for a roof over my head, indoor plumbing, and central heat…

Hmmm, apple is down almost 10% on some probably honest remarks (that the rumors had been talking about for a while now), construction layoffs are high, Tesla down as it admits it’s having trouble making and selling cars, Ford and GM have previously cut outlooks, luxury real estate is way down (why sell at huge discounts unless you need the money or see bigger opportunity elsewhere?), a whole bunch of the smartest guys in the room have seen their hedge funds crash, and a whole lot of other portents are becoming undeniable. The economy is crashing, at least the money side of it, and the money is what makes it all work. These guys are NOT gonna sit idly by. I don’t see T doing any motorcades any time soon, and he better keep the family close too.

and CHINA landed a rover on the moon!


(Remember Jerry’s comment, man will live in space- but there’s no guarantee they’ll be speaking English.)