Fri. Jan. 11, 2019 – another week gone, and we’re just getting started

64F and 40%RH… hmm, not sure I trust that number, but if true, hooray.

There’s a truism in construction that everything costs more and takes longer than you think. Trump knows this in his bones. His enemies and even his supporters don’t seem to know it.

It takes a while to get the vast machinery moving, but once moving it takes another large effort to get it stopped. Our .gov and .mil are both famous examples of how that inertia works. This is normally a good thing. It protects from spurious changes and ‘flavor of the month’ policy making.

Our country has been moving toward socialism and tyranny since the 20’s at least, why expect we can undo that overnight? The real question is ‘can we push on the rock long enough to get it moving, and keep it from immediately rolling back and crushing us?’

Some very interesting thought developing in some dark corners of the web about the whole process, when it started, and who’s been pushing it. Timothy Leary was born in 1920…and worked at Harvard…


Extra credit for remembering the question “Are you a Harvard or a Yale man?”