Sun. Jan. 13, 2019 – nice day, if a bit cool

44F and 80%RH with sunny skies.

More work for me to do outside today.

Got some work done yesterday, but not enough. Really nice day until evening when the temps went down. Still, the campfire was nice and the food tasted good.

My fire pit turned to oxides of iron, and crumbled, so my wife put it out on heavy trash day. I thought I could apply a couple more patches or layers of mesh to various areas, but she was done. Unfortunately, Santa didn’t bring a new one, yet anyway. I do have a wide and shallow ceramic ‘basket’ that works great for a table top fire ring. A couple inches of sand from the strategic sand reserve (kids’ play area) and some tinder (last year’s Christmas tree needles) and some pecan twigs and branches from the yard, and we soon had a nice bed of coals. For light I hung a colman lantern on the shepards crook that is meant to hang baskets of flowers, which worked great. Freezer hotdogs, freezer hot dog buns, and s’more fixin’s from the cupboard, and we were living large 🙂

In world news, the yellow vests are still at it in France. If you aren’t seeing at least some coverage, with links to twitter feeds from people on scene, you need to adjust your media mix. In the videos I watched, rioters were pulling cops to the ground and putting the boot in. (Kicking them while on the ground) They are also forming skirmish lines and storming each other’s positions. It’s the 9th week and doesn’t seem to be fading out. Even if the government isn’t telling the whole story, you don’t call out 80K cops for no reason. The protest are spreading throughout Europe, with varying degrees of attention and success, but don’t count on it dying. Also, don’t count on the cops putting up with being beaten much longer. Things are getting sporty over there.

I could say more about our more local politics, but I can’t be bothered to get the links right, so all I’ll say is, you’ve got to be tone deaf, more powerful than an evil warlord, or so arrogant that you can’t conceive that you don’t automatically do the right thing and people worship you for it, to vacation in the Caribbean while complaining that people are being hurt by the shutdown.

Stack it high people….