Day: February 26, 2018

Mon. Feb. 26, 2018 – time to start another week

54F and 99%RH this fine drizzling morning here in tropical Houston…

Felt a bit off all day yesterday, mild headache and a bit of dizziness, so I went to bed early.  Feel much better today.   We’ll see if it lasts.

I doubt anyone out there has as many active kindles as I do, but I found out something interesting.  It seems the publisher can limit the number of devices you have a book D/L’d to at the same time.   I was trying to load up a kindle with all 16 books in one series when I got the notice that it was unavailable for download.  Google suggested that there were secret limits on the number of devices, so I got on a chat with Amazon support.

Turns out there is a limit, it can be anything from 3  up to 99 according to Saed, the CSR from my chat.

Amazon’s tool for online management of content on different devices sucks dead bunnies.  You can easily PUT content on your devices but not REMOVE IT.  Nor is there an easy way to see at a glance where your content is.  Others have noted that there aren’t any real tools for organizing your content either.  It seems they got to “good enough” and stopped.  Meh, it’s still the best pure ereader out there, despite its flaws, and I doubt they considered someone with 15 kindles when they were designing their systems.


On a political and media note… I’m not ready to say this kid Hogg from Florida isn’t genuine (don’t really buy into the ‘crisis actor’ thing) but something isn’t right.  There are too many pictures of him laughing and smiling, video of him rehearsing, and he’s suddenly EVERYWHERE.  He may just be a sociopathic opportunist, or he may be something else, but random ordinary person number 7 he most surely isn’t.



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