Day: February 9, 2018

Fri. Feb. 9, 2018 finally …

Well, not exactly ‘finally Friday’ as this week blazed by.

Currently 56F and overcast, with T-storms in the area forecast.

I’ve been thinking.  (smell the smoke?)

Most of the immigration rationalizing has to do with bringing in workers and ‘vigorous breeders’ to support the current populations as they age.   This is based on a crucial and WRONG idea that those imported populations WILL IN FACT support the current one.   WHY WOULD THEY?  They have little in common.  They most certainly have their OWN interests and desires.  They are from tribal and low trust societies where they feel no obligation to help anyone outside their clan.  Further, the desire to import large numbers is based on another flawed set of assumptions.  The idea that the country MUST REMAIN an IMPORTER instead of an EXPORTER and  a consumer based economy instead of a maker based economy.  The Powers that Be KNOW that the current setup is a Ponzi scheme.  The only way to keep a ponzi going is to continually bring in new <s>participants</s> suckers.  But the new suckers have NO intention of participating in the ponzi or any belief in the usefulness or desirability of the  ponzi.

Thus we know it will not work.  So…

There is no problem with a declining population if standard of living doesn’t also decline.  A smaller family can better afford nice things, vacations, education, etc. than a large family.  So too, a nation that concentrates on quality over quantity can prosper even with an overall decline in numbers.

The ponzi WILL collapse.

If you bake that into your assumptions, you should DIS-courage mass immigration.  You should focus on doing more with fewer people (which we already do with robotic factories, and machines instead of laborers.)  As (if) population declines, there will be more to go around, and standards of living will rise.  Focus on enabling technologies.  Focus on exporting.  Focus on doing well at things the unwashed masses can’t do.  There will always be unwashed masses.  They’re vigorous breeders with large families (and by the way, how is that attitude NOT racist in today’s environment?)  Focus on shifting from BEING the unwashed masses to providing goods and services TO THEM.

Then, as your population enjoys the fruits of their labor, they can start raising kids again, and slow or reverse your population decline.


TBTB are trapped in their mindset.  They have always seen themselves as a small exclusive elite at the top of a pyramid of lesser masses.  They think it will continue, and if the current masses are refusing to cooperate and not breeding at replacement levels, they’ll just replace them with masses that WILL.  They miss the fact that the imported masses are NOT the same as the domestic masses (who only devolved into masses relatively recently historically.)  The imported masses will have no trouble or qualms about throwing out the existing PTB, and replacing them with their OWN elites.

And while there is a certain amount of schadenfreude in the elites getting their comeuppance, unfortunately, that will wreck the place for the rest of us. We need to fight against their plan, show that it’s wrong, and based on false assumptions, and strengthen our own positions at the same time.



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