Day: February 1, 2018

Thur. Feb. 1, 2018 I got nothin’

“The shooter’s body was cremated Dec. 21. How can the autopsy report not be ‘finalized’ when the body was cremated more than five weeks ago?”


“The newly unsealed documents – which were unsealed by court order after journalists at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media sued – revealed that the FBI is seeking a “person of interest” named Douglas Haig. Haig’s name had not previously been connected to the shooting. What’s more, according to what’s been widely cited as his LinkedIn page, Haig had “DOD Top Secret clearance” and worked for top weapons manufacturers and specialized in Military Ammunition, as we pointed out.”

Biggest mass shooting in recent US history. Still more questions than answers, and now, verifiably unusual behavior on the part of the investigators.

Meanwhile in DC, more circus distracticus from the FBI, DOJ, and various other parties.

[this is where OFD chimes in that we need to get our own house in order, and focus inward for a while…(our being the USA)]

And this is where I remind everyone that we need to get OUR (meaning individually) houses in order.

No matter the truth or un-truths coming out of DC, weakness, division, infighting in the halls of government is NOT good for us on the world stage. Bad actors are looking to find their advantage in all this.

No matter the truth or un-truth coming out of Vegas, (and no Virginia, they didn’t cremate the body of “the shooter”, they cremated the body found at the scene) the fact that serious people can entertain the idea that this was a setup, or a covert op (gone right or wrong), and the appearance is of official coverup or incompetence, is further evidence of the crumbling of our social fabric. That isn’t good.

So keep stacking, keep meeting people, keep working on skills, keep teaching the next generation.


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