Day: February 5, 2018

Mon. Feb. 5, 2018 Some sportsball game happened and no one died

51F with 92%RH and kinda clear here in Houston this AM.

Seems that there was a sporting event yesterday. Given that it was in the middle of a city with a large Somali immigrant population, they decided to take extra precautions against terror murderous attacks.

Great BIG .fed and .gov presence. Great opportunity to see what an active police state might look like if you are inclined to believe that way. Keep your eyes open on the web for AAR and analysis. What we know for sure is: air cover; loads of intel-from stingray flying overhead to social media monitoring; roadblocks; papers required for access; weapons free zones (and not in the fun way); etc.

Thankfully no problems. If the jihadis listened to Sun Tzu, they would have ‘attacked where your enemy is weak.’ I’m genuinely thankful that they didn’t. I’m horrified by what TPTB think is required to have a safe game. How in the heII did it come to this? Soldiers with HMMVs manning roadblocks in the street….

I watched about 10 minutes of game when the wife succumbed to peer pressure (family rooting for Pats) and turned it on. I was mystified by the tide ads (seen in passing without paying attention), don’t know what to think about the coke diversity special, and that was it. Oh, saw the Bud ad about canning water for relief efforts.

I guess it was a good game if you are into that. I realized when discussing it with the wife, that I stopped watching the NFL after Superbowl 20, Da Bears! Don’t miss it.

Plenty of madcap shenanigans in big cities as a result. Don’t be there is good advice and appropriate in this case.  ADDED- and I note that there is plenty of video showing it is not the usual suspects.

As we start this week, let’s remember absent friends, and OFD, and the others in our lives that might need help….


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