Day: February 2, 2018

Fri. Feb. 2, 2018 – oh what a world we live in – ” pet marijuana tycoon”

How on earth does someone become a “pet marijuana tycoon”?

DON’T click that link by the way. Very gruesome shots of the murdered girl as you scroll down.

Can we draw any conclusions about where we are in the fall of the empire from the fact that a guy who sells marijuana infused supplements for DOGS can buy a $5M home?

RBT thought the most likely scenario was a long slow decline, and I’ve gotta say, it certainly feels like we’ve already stepped onto the ski slope. I think we have a lot more ‘peak decadence’, ‘peak perversity’, and ‘peak violence’ still to come.

We’ve already got bread and circuses. We’ve already got half the country on some form of dole. We’ve already got barbarians inside the gates. We’ve already got waning influence over our far flung possessions and juniors. What else is left in the checklist?


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