Day: February 27, 2018

Tues. Feb. 27, 2018 Maybe Europe is waking up, maybe it’s just the plan continuing to the next step

63F with 98%RH and overcast today. We’re on the edge of a front and will either get rain or not.

Seems that Germany has finally acknowledged that there are in fact “No Go” zones in Germany, joining Sweden in the Blindingly Obvious Olympics.

To deny reality is a lefty and progressive trait, but eventually reality intrudes. FFS, CHICAGO has no-go zones for ordinary people, and certainly USED to have them for cops. Most of our worst cities have areas the police will only enter in pair or in force. To think that Euro cities, who’ve imported millions of lawless immigrants from primitive tribal cultures DON’T is pure fantasy.

The question now is, are they realizing their mistake, or is the plan just advancing to the next phase. I suppose it depends on how cynical one is, how one answers that question.

In news closer to home, more ridiculous and dishonorable info is coming out of Coward County Fla. This may be the event that drives a change in doctrine across the country. I hope so. In every other industry we learn from disasters and apply the lessons paid for with blood to prevent and minimize future disaster. Let that be true of this one.


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