Day: February 15, 2018

Thur. Feb. 15 2018 and another week speeds by….

Holy cow, time is flying by. Coming up on halfway thru the semester. Gonna be summer in an eyeblink.

68F, overcast, and very humid here today. All day yesterday I had moisture condensing on anything cool. Every can and bottle in the garage had wetness on it. Floors got slick with moisture. NOT ideal food storage conditions, or car storage conditions for that matter.

Another school shooting. As the details come out, we are seeing the same things. Troubled ‘youth’ (in this case an adult), made threats, made obvious comments, F’d up home life (why is he an orphan?)

I was heartened to see the EMS response which looked like the new doctrine of “scoop and scoot”. It looked like they were not waiting for the scene to be declared “secure” either. Good news for the victims. I hope there are some lessons to be learned from this that can help in the future.


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