Month: January 2018

Wed. Jan. 31, 2018 – Big moon, SOTU, meh

I did spend a minute or two looking at the full moon last night. After early poor conditions with haze and clouds, the air cleared and the moon looked pretty good. It didn’t seem especially big, or special but was a good bright full moon.

Grabbed the binos early this morning and got a good look before it sank below our trees. Kids looked but were not impressed. Two eclipses in the same year, the end days MUST be here….

Haven’t reviewed any of the SOTU address yet. Might skip it entirely. I usually like primary sources as the press is very selective in what they hear and report. We’ll see.

In a funny coincidence yesterday I was listening to youtube while I was driving. YT recommended a bunch of Jordan Peterson’s online lectures to me (and a ton of clip shows featuring him.) So I listened. He did one on Marxism and post modernism that was very interesting. He does a lot of digression and story telling and is very engaging. Anyway, he was relating some research on morality, and specifically some research involving RATS. Turns out, they play. Young rats like to wrestle and engage in ‘rough and tumble’ play. The researcher drew several conclusions about rat social structure and behaviour, but the most unlikely bit was that RATS LAUGH. He says they ‘giggle’ when tickled with a pencil eraser. He claims it’s ultrasonic, and you have to slow down a recording to hear it, but I think that MY RATS have learned to make an audible sound when laughing. AND THEY LAUGH AT ME. Wife says that just means it’s time to drop a match and walk away [or move to another house.] I must say that I don’t like thinking about giggling rats when I’m introducing them to Mr Shovel….


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Tues. Jan 30, 2018 And we’re 1/12 of the way thru the year

So quickly does time fly. One month of 2018 already gone.

40F and clear this morning. Beautifully clear last night. Looked at the full moon thru binoculars with the 6 yo. She walked 20 feet across the yard “so it would be even bigger.”

I’ve got a pickup in College Station so I’ll be off the air most of the morning. Talk amongst yourselves…


(is this the beginning of the great unraveling? Finally some people being ‘exited’ from the FBI, financials going nuts, and maybe people realizing that crypto won’t pull us out of this. I don’t want my trip this morning to turn into a PA road trip story….)

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Monday Jan. 29, 2018 Buenos Dias amigos

Whooo, cold this am. Currently 39F and damp. Clear skies so maybe it will warm up. Yesterday fooled me. It was shirtsleeves weather by the afternoon, and I was buying seeds at Lowes while picking up the rat traps. Time to get the garden started! Well, maybe not quite yet 🙁


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Sun. Jan. 28, 2018 Guten morgen

59F and 99%RH this morning in Houston. Drizzle, grey, and squishy saturated ground. Localized heavy rain yesterday led to flood watch and flash flood warnings. Ah, life in a swamp….


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Fri. Jan. 26th, 2018 Finally Friday

It has been a long week. Busy weekend of work and family ahead too, but at least the weather should be a bit better.

53F and mostly clear in Houston today. I took a look at my citrus trees and they don’t look good. Between the cold and being covered, all the leaves are pretty much shrunken and dried. I guess I’ll see if they recover in a few more weeks. I certainly hope so. The grapefruit I got this year is delicious.

It feels like we’re wrapping up winter, and getting ready for spring. I got the last of the Christmas stuff down and put away (didn’t want to do it wet). It’s unlikely we’ll have more sub-freezing temperatures. The yard and garden are brown and a mess, but we’ll soon see what we can get started on. I might just throw down some native wildflowers in the front yard flower beds.

This definitely feels like a time of transition… both in the natural world, in society, and personally. Transitional times are tricky. They are a time when the smallest influences can lead to big changes. I think they call for conservatism, balance, a ‘centeredness’, and being prepared to move in any direction either defensively or to take advantage of opportunity.

This is a good time to take a step back from daily strife, and re-evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and your plan for getting there. If there ever was a time to position yourself to move freely in any direction, this is certainly it.


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Thur. Jan. 25th, 2018 In a world gone mad…

Firstly, there appear to be some issues with wordpress this morning. If you don’t get the result you expect from the site, reload.

40F and still outside, with mostly clear skies. Beautiful orange and pinks with glowing cirrus and chemtrails 😉

Let’s see, trouble in the Middle East, trouble at home. Bankers and money men still milking it for every last drop. Western culture, one of the most successful EVER, continues to commit suicide. A mania for sex abuse. And a couple more kids shooting up schools.

I guess this is the new normal.



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Wed, Jan. 24th, 2018 Many thanks

Thanks to everyone who shared a bit yesterday and Monday. Sharing makes the burden just a little bit lighter.

40F this morning and damp here in Houston. Our short reprieve from the cold seems to have ended. The apple trees will appreciate the cold, but I think the rest of us are ready for spring.


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Mon. Jan. 22, 2018 Beginning of a sad week

While we mourn the passing of our friend, let’s take time to remember the impact he had on us and others, (publicly or privately) and celebrate the achievements and successes of his life.


ADDED- my plan at the moment- take a couple of days, let people comment and check in and share whatever they want, then resume ‘normal’ posts and comments.

Access and site loading have been a bit spotty.  The site isn’t going away without notice, so DON’T PANIC.  No idea why there are issues, but I think it’s a WP issue.

Whoever recommended the Wrinkle book to me, I can’t find the email. Great choice, thanks!

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