Saturday, 25 January 2014

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11:33 – Barbara didn’t get home until 10:10 p.m. last night. She took her mom to see her psychiatrist, who decided she needed to be hospitalized. The hospital he uses is about a 45 minute drive from Winston-Salem, so by the time Barbara, Frances, and Al got Sankie settled in and grabbed a quick meal the day was pretty much over. They’ve no idea how long Sankie will be in the hospital. The psychiatrist is trying to balance her medications to deal with her depression, bi-polar syndrome, and some degree of dementia.

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  1. Chuck W says:

    Speaking of whining, one climate thing we are experiencing here is week after week of high wind. We’re getting gusts of 40 mph outside right now, which takes the wind chill waaay down from the current 21°F. It is just plain nasty, and my childhood friends are confirming that we may have had a couple days of wind at a time over the years, but not the week after week we are currently experiencing. This is worse than March.

  2. Chuck W says:

    Whoa! Coincidence or what? Last night I watched again that Tony Scott movie Sam referenced a few days ago. The character Jon Voight played was stated in the movie as born on 9-11-1940. The film was made in 1998, 3 years before 9-11. Voight, himself, was born in December 1938.

  3. Sam Olson says:

    Not too many people know it, but 11-September-1973 was when
    Chile’s president elect, Salvador Allende, was assassinated and
    the country ended up in the hands of Augusto Pinochet. Many
    people believe that Allende killed himself rather than abdicate,
    but the truth may never be known for sure. Here’s a couple of
    links if anyone wants to know the story (history) …

  4. Sam Olson says:

    Has anyone here seen Ridley Scott’s latest Sci-Fi movie – ‘Prometheus’,
    released back in 2012 ? Here’s a Wikipedia link to learn more …

    They’ve already started working on the sequel ! (Bottom of the article.)

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