Day: January 5, 2014

Sunday, 5 January 2014

09:00 – We dodged the bullet on the freezing rain. We’re currently getting a cold drizzle, with the temperature at 34F (1C). But the colder air is moving in overnight and tomorrow, with the low tomorrow night forecast to be 4F (-16C). Barbara plans to drive the Trooper to work tomorrow, presumably with Ritt der Walk├╝ren playing at high volume.

Kit sales continue strong. As of now, sales for the month are just under 50% of the total sales for January of last year. What’s odd is how the mix has changed. Most months, biology kit sales are about a third of total sales. In December, biology kit sales were only about 4% of total sales. This month to date, biology kit sales are about 50% of total sales.

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