Day: January 19, 2014

Sunday, 19 January 2014

10:13 – We’re in good shape on the FK01A core forensic science kits, other than the Kastle-Meyer reagent, which we still need to bottle. But our inventory of the FK01B and FK01C supplemental forensics kits was down to zero and one, respectively, so yesterday I decided to get another dozen or so each of those made up. Our component inventory system works pretty well, but sometimes it’s off a bit. I thought we had everything we needed to make up 13 of the FK01B sets, but as it turned out we had only three each of the Dragendorff’s reagent A and B bottles. So I need to make up more of those.

I was going to do that this morning, but I realized that I really, really needed to clean up my lab first. Most of the floor was covered with stacked boxes, bottles, and so on, and the counter surfaces were invisible, covered by equipment, chemical bottles, and so on.The floor is now mostly clear, but the counters are still in sad shape. On the plus side, I did discover unopened cases of a dozen 500 mL beakers, six 1 liter flasks, and a dozen 500 mL wash bottles.

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