Day: January 11, 2014

Saturday, 11 January 2014

10:29 – In the first ten days of this month, we came within $400 of matching the revenues for all of January 2013. If that rate holds up, which I don’t really expect it to, January 2014 sales will be triple those of January 2013, which itself wasn’t a bad month. Even if the rate slacks off a bit, with 20 days left in the month we should easily double sales for this month versus a year ago.

Late yesterday afternoon, we sold two full forensic kits to a small public school system in Arizona, which took our forensic kit inventory to -2. So, our first priority this weekend is to build a new batch of forensic kits, so that I have something to ship to the customer Monday.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on the manual for the Earth & Space Science Kit, which we plan to ship in time for the autumn semester. I’m also stubbing out the CK02 Advanced Chemistry Kit, which we hope to start shipping by year-end. That’ll actually be two kits, one with only the consumables and the other with glassware and hardware. The combined price will be considerably higher than our current kits, but this kit will provide materials for two full years of chemistry lab work, both a first-year chemistry course and a second-year course that covers all of the standard recommended AP Chemistry labs and other work as well. Writing the manual for that one will be fun.

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