Day: January 15, 2014

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

07:34 – Ruh-roh. Colin has discovered Amazon Prime. I mentioned to Barbara after dinner last night that I’d opened our last box of Alpo Snaps dog treats. Barbara said she’d pick up more the next time she was out running errands. I said I’d check Amazon to see if they carried them.

Colin followed me into my office to check. Sure enough, Amazon carries them (in a case of five 2-pound boxes), they’re Prime-Eligible, and they’re cheaper from Amazon than they are locally. So I was about to add a case to my shopping cart, but Colin noticed the Subscribe & Save option and snouted my elbow. He pointed out that they’re discounted further if we order five boxes to be delivered every month. I passed on that option.

I’m still building more science kits. We’re less than half-way through the month and we’ve already blown through our totals for January 2013. Assuming orders don’t dry up the rest of this month, we’ll have a pretty decent month.

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