Day: January 31, 2014

Friday, 31 January 2014

09:44 – Barbara is picking up her sister this afternoon and heading down to the hospital in Thomasville to visit their mom. Sankie is not doing very well, and they’ve decided she’ll be better off at home. Barbara and Frances are going down to Thomasville again tomorrow morning to meet with a home health care provider that will be providing sitters to stay with Sankie around the clock when she returns home Monday. Barbara and Frances think she’ll do better if she’s surrounded by her own stuff in her own apartment and can get back into her regular routine. I hope they’re right.

I’m still making up and bottling chemicals for kits. I’m trying to take some time to work on the two new kits we plan to introduce this year, Earth & Space Science and AP Chemistry. We’ll produce the latter kit in two forms, a standard kit for homeschoolers and a classroom kit designed to support four workgroups–eight to twelve students–in a formal public or private school setting. The classroom kit will be consumables only, assuming that standard lab equipment–balance, glassware, etc.–is already available.

Derek Lowe has posted the first decent write-up I’ve seen about the chemical spill in West Virginia. It’s worth a read, particularly if you’re not a chemist.

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