Day: January 9, 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

08:29 – Well, here’s something that’s never happened to me before. Yesterday about 5:00 p.m. I got two separate orders from the same person, one biology kit and one chemistry kit. The PayPal emails said the address was confirmed and it was okay to ship the items. Then a couple hours later I got two more emails from PayPal about those two transactions: “You have received a payment that we believe may not have been authorized by the PayPal account holder” and saying the payments were on hold until PayPal completed its investigation.

It’s pretty common to get an order that PayPal shows as having an unconfirmed ship-to address. Usually, that just means that the customer used a personal credit card to have a kit shipped to their business address or vice versa. In those cases, PayPal recommends that I contact the customer to verify that they in fact did place the order. But this is the first time that PayPal has given me clearance to ship with full seller protection in effect, and then turned around and revoked that permission.

I’m still filling chemical bottles, but I need to take a break from that to build another dozen chemistry kits. We’re down to two in stock.

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