Sunday, 19 January 2014

10:13 – We’re in good shape on the FK01A core forensic science kits, other than the Kastle-Meyer reagent, which we still need to bottle. But our inventory of the FK01B and FK01C supplemental forensics kits was down to zero and one, respectively, so yesterday I decided to get another dozen or so each of those made up. Our component inventory system works pretty well, but sometimes it’s off a bit. I thought we had everything we needed to make up 13 of the FK01B sets, but as it turned out we had only three each of the Dragendorff’s reagent A and B bottles. So I need to make up more of those.

I was going to do that this morning, but I realized that I really, really needed to clean up my lab first. Most of the floor was covered with stacked boxes, bottles, and so on, and the counter surfaces were invisible, covered by equipment, chemical bottles, and so on.The floor is now mostly clear, but the counters are still in sad shape. On the plus side, I did discover unopened cases of a dozen 500 mL beakers, six 1 liter flasks, and a dozen 500 mL wash bottles.

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  2. I like Boot Barn and have bought about a dozen pairs of Justins from them. But where do you get your food and do you pay cash there also?

    I spent all cash today at Costco. Felt good but applied for a Amex on my Costco card. There is just some days where I walk out with $500 of “stuff”.

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  4. I talked to Ridley Scott once. I was at the infamous “sneak preview” of Bladerunner in Dallas, and he was in the concession line in front of me.

  5. Just kidding, I do use a credit card for everything….I don’t worry about it at all. I was once hit for $4200 on a Discover card and I was not a cent out of pocket. I just told them it was not my charge. No big deal.

    Unfortunately, I have very narrow foot, A or B width, and cannot buy boots off the shelf such as at a Boot Barn.

  6. I have the opposite problem, 11.5EEE or 12EEE fit me well in most shoes. 10.5EEE in Justin Ropers or Justin work boots for some weird reason. And I buy them on Amazon, usually through Boot Barn.

  7. The wife just recently discovered the Scott brothers TV show, “The Good Wife”. It is quite good for a lawyer show set in the windy city. Pretty gritty also.

    Yeah, Barbara and I just watched the first four seasons, which are available on Amazon Prime streaming. It’s definitely well above average for a network TV series.

  8. Stu wrote:

    “Unfortunately, I have very narrow foot, A or B width, and cannot buy boots off the shelf such as at a Boot Barn.”

    My feet are so wide the only boots I can get in to are elastic sided R. M. Williams boots… 🙁

  9. I’ll go you one better. Not only do I shop only with credit cards, I shopped at Target between Thanksgiving and Xmas! I like to play life on the edge. After spending most of my time in Germany running to ATM’s to get more money, because they don’t do credit cards at all there except for big department stores, I even buy my workday breakfast at Mickey D’s with a card. Nowadays I only see the ATM about once every 3 or 4 months.

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