Tuesday, 14 January 2014

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07:44 – Barbara’s sister took their mom to the doctor yesterday. He put her on ciprofloxacin, which on balance I think is a good thing. I suspect she has some sort of infection, probably either a UTI or a lung infection, if not both. Cipro should knock down whatever it is. I’m still concerned about using cipro or any other fluoroquinolone antibiotic in an elderly person, particularly one who already suffers some degree of dementia, but her doctor is more familiar with the situation than I am. Still, I’d have been happier with co-amoxiclav.

Well, yesterday morning our inventory of forensic kits was -2. I got another batch built and shipped the outstanding orders, so now we’re in good shape on forensic kits. But as of this morning our inventory of the CK01A chemistry kits is zero, so I’ll spend some time today building another batch of those. Oh, yeah. And doing estimated taxes.

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  1. Sam Olson says:

    I’ve previously posted the following link regarding fluoroquinolones …

    “Bitter Pills” by Stephen Fried …


    You can read the first chapter for free here …


  2. Sam Olson says:

    There’s also a new movie out called “The East” produced by Tony and Ridley Scott, that portrays the very serious side effects of fluoroquinolones.


    You might want to check it out. Stars Brit Marling.

  3. Mike G. says:

    Yes, Cipro can be VERY BAD for some. I had a bad reaction after just four pills–symptoms of a panic attack, worst insomnia ever, etc. I now make it a point to tell every M.D. no fluoroquinolones for me, EVER.


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