Thursday, 2 January 2014

07:45 – Barbara is heading back to work this morning, but at least it’s only a two-day work week. Colin, who’s now used to having Barbara home all day, is likely to be demonic today. I’m shipping kits and working on our submission for the S.P.A.R.K. Competition. Once that’s finished and submitted, I need to get back to building more kits.

14 thoughts on “Thursday, 2 January 2014”

  1. Global Warming is getting worse, far worse:

    “As the planet marked its fourth hottest year on record, a study published in the journal Nature found increasing levels of carbon dioxide will lead to thinner ocean clouds and reduce their cooling impact, causing temperature rises of at least 5.6F (3C) over the course of the century.”

    “The team of scientists said the findings show some climate models have been too “optimistic” and previous estimates of a minimum temperature rise of only 2.7F (1.5C) could now be discounted. The optimistic models did not properly assess the impact of water evaporation, which sometimes rises only a short distance into the atmosphere and causes updraughts that reduce cloud cover, the study found.”

    Looks like a few “scientists” in the UK need to be sacked to me. 2013 was the fourth hottest year on record, really? These people are manufacturing data sets.

  2. It’s what I’ve been saying for years: I might not understand all the science involved in studying the climate*, but I do know people. I can smell bullshit and power plays from halfway around the world. Secret source code for simulations, secret models, secret data, threatening defamation lawsuits against anyone who questions the integrity of the “researchers”. Smells like agenda-driven bullshit, not science.

    I looked at the leaked source code from University of East Anglia, four years ago or whenever. Not even counting the amateurish coding (though that right there would make me question any claimed results), there were blatant fudge factors right in the code, forcing the computed results to match expectations. No wonder they wanted to keep that a secret.

  3. If Global Warming XXXXXX Climate Change was a true science then the three billion dollars of grants per year here in the USA would be evenly distributed between the proclaimers and the deniers. Instead, all of the grants go to the proclaimers, the science is crudely asserted to be undeniable and that the deniers should be arrested and jailed.

  4. Funny, that—Weather Bureau says we are going to have the coldest weather in 20 years here next week. And really—the warming folks would rather have another ice age than 5 degrees F average hotter? You can barely tell 5 degrees difference in Fahrenheit, anyway. Gimme wine from Canada any day, as opposed to having to move to the equator.

  5. Still working off my main computer, a 7 year-old dual core laptop with Intel inside. It is an unbelievably good and reliable computer, but has been hitting the swap file, locking up the computer for long durations. When it hit over 15 minutes trying to close Firefox with 8 windows and about 80 tabs, I took the advice of a guy who administers Windows machines and downloaded the free version of Advanced System Care and let it have its way with Bianca.

    Unbelievable improvement, but I erred greatly. I let it do a thing called “Privacy” without reading that. Erased all my browsing history, all my passwords, and everything else that identifies me on this computer. My fault; I should have read what it was going to do and skipped that one. It did explain, but I just clicked ‘go ahead’, trusting that it would not do any harm, due to my friend’s recommendation.

    Have not seen it hit the swap file once since running it, and things have speeded up quite considerably. It did seem to cause a problem with the “svchost” service running the CPU at better than 50% perpetually, putting the fan into loud overdrive. It had something to do with a Windows Update service, which I never use anyway. Used SysInternals “Process Explorer” to locate the offending DLL, then googled a cure for that problem. Fix involved a lot of renaming files and folders to stop the problem, but it is 100% solved now. Apparently that update service hogging CPU’s is a problem on XP SP3 computers, as there were instructions at M$ on how to disable that particular service. Don’t recall having any problem previous to the ASC scan, so I have no idea how it caused that, but all is well now, as I never upgrade computers except for Service Packs, and after ensuring that the SP is running okay, I disable WinUpdate. I learned early that sooner or later, an update always comes along that breaks something. I’m now down to the lowest CPU numbers at idle that I ever recall seeing.

  6. This is shaping up to be our coldest winter on record. The number of heating degree days since I turned on the heat, is higher—by far—than any year since I moved back to Tiny Town. And we have 2.5 more months before warmth sets in again.

  7. I heard a long time ago, and not from an especially reliable source, that we’re due for another ice age and the purposely creating a greenhouse effect is essential to preventing worldwide famine. I never investigated the validity of it, but since ice ages seem to be cyclical it stands to reason that another one will happen at some point.

  8. Hottest since 1910 anyways, when they started to measure temperature in Australia. I have no doubt the Earth is warming. That’s what happens when you exit an ice age.

  9. Our host is the one who has said he hopes GW is true because we’re overdue for an ice age.

  10. Well, we ARE! Hansen of NASA (now retired) used to stump the Coming Ice Age back in the late 70s, before switching to Global Warming Alarmism, which was much more profitable.

  11. Climate change is very real and is occurring daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decadely and millennially. However, climate change is not man made. Climate change is caused by that ginormous fusion reactor at the center of the Solar system. That bad boy waxes and wanes just like anything else in life. I just cannot tell you if it waxes and wanes by 0.1%, 1% or 5%. Neither can anyone else, we just do not have the technology and the time. I would not be surprised to find out that the sun has tremendously long cycles of thousands of years in length. Or millions.

  12. That bad boy waxes and wanes just like anything else in life.

    And that waxing and waning is all the fault of humans and their carbon dioxide emissions. I am sure my methane expulsion has been at fault and Obama is probably considering a methane meter attached to my ass so that I can be taxed appropriately. Wonder if the meter would have peak period rates in effect?

  13. Nah. You will will just be charged for average methane expulsion from all orifices.

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