Saturday, 23 November 2013

09:11 – Kit stuff today, along with regular Saturday stuff. And we need to get Barbara’s new Kindle Fire HDX set up and working.

We just got another kit order from a customer in southern Alberta, which is Heartland country. This one was from a little hamlet about 10 or 12 miles from Okotoks, one of the primary shooting locations for the program. That’s five in the last year to this rural area south of Calgary, three that we shipped direct and two that we shipped to a receiving service just over the border in Montana. Given the relatively sparse population density, that’s pretty intense penetration. Homeschooling must be big in that area. It’s interesting to watch Heartland and know that people around there are using our kits.

12:35 – Very strange. I just had Barbara filling iodine solution bottles. We use 30 mL amber glass bottles for that. She ran out of bottles, so I went downstairs to bring up another case. The bottles are shrink-wrapped in sets of 168. As I cut the shrink-wrap, I noticed it was labeled “Made in Austria”. That’s simply weird. It’s weird enough for me to be ordering glass bottles from New York and having them shipped here, but I get free shipping. Ordinarily, low-value, high-mass items like glass bottles are produced and purchased locally. But these come from Austria? Geez.

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  1. I have a couple of regular email/board correspondents out in Alberta, in the Calgary area, and they’ve had interesting reports and photos about life out there. Evidently winter is settling in pretty well and they’re buckling down for the usual months and months of frigid cold. We have us a little microclimate here on the bay, though; typically ten degrees warmer in the winter, though extremely windy at times, and ten degrees, at least, cooler in the summuh; walk or drive a mile inland and it changes.

  2. typically ten degrees warmer in the winter

    It’s teh Globall Warmingzes!!!!1! The lake will rise at two feet per year and you’re all gonna diiiee!!!!111!!1

  3. Say, I wonder if we can get a new fad going: One-punch a Warmingist and put the video on the internet. Or maybe Crotch Kick a Warmingist.

  4. Ho ho; the lake rose this past summuh quite a bit more than two feet and completely submerged the pier about a hundred yahds from our front door. But this house has been here two-hundred years and never been flooded; we’re up on a slight rise above and beyond the shore; I note, however, that in past major storms we’ve had up here, the state route that runs behind us and out onto a peninsula was flooded. Also a creek that runs behind a line of houses a couple of hundred yahds beyond our front door, the other side of the town hall and that same state highway, overran its banks and flooded all those back yahds.

    The Knockout Game for warmingists; and extend that to Obummer voters who still sport the election stickers on their vehicles.

  5. I am noticing that on an increasing number of bills, there is no “billing date” given anymore. Yeah, in most cases it does specify dates in the billing period, but there used to be a date on the bill itself—ostensibly when the bill was prepared, printed, and mailed,—but no more. None on the AT&T Internets ransom, none on the monthly natural gas bill, and now none on the electric bill.

    Wonder what’s up with that?

    I have already used more natural gas than the same period last year, even though I have been gone all of very long days for work, and turned the heat down lower than I keep it at night. They used to give the degree days in the period, but cut that out recently, too

  6. I will check the next utility bills we get up here accordingly; just paid a couple of them, too.

    From the breitbart article: “Most of the incidents reportedly occur between the hours of 5 p.m and 7 a.m. but police are not hearing about them until later.”

    Many, many moons ago when working as a street cop, we found that every single report we got of a sexual incident or assault was so reported long after the event. Including brutal rapes. And by “long” I mean at least a half-hour to an hour or much longer in some cases. Thus drastically decreasing the chances of our apprehending the bastards. I remember we had a string of serial rapes on the college campuses by the same suspect and more than once we got the call as though it was still in-progress only to arrive after flooring the cruisers and/or racing on foot to the scene, that it happened a half hour ago. Used to drive us nuts. Far as I know, that particular animal was never caught, either, and he got to at least half a dozen victims in our area that we knew about before moving to new territory, we thought at the time, greater Boston.

    Yes, I get it that victims were reluctant to call or talk to anybody, most likely big macho male type officers, or that they were too traumatized. By the time I left cop work they were trying to get more female officers on board into rape/crisis training and certification, no idea how that’s panned out since then.

    So what we have here, in Vancouver with the perverts, and in other cities with the Knockout Game, is just a little more evidence of the decay and collapse of what’s left of Western civilization in my view. Back in the old days, the perverts would have been flogged and thrown into asylums and the knockout animals would have been hung. Can’t have that now, though, so we just eat it and go back to the tee-vee and six-pack of crappy Merkan lager and the Krispy Kremes and get big as houses.

  7. Ordinarily, low-value, high-mass items like glass bottles are produced and purchased locally. But these come from Austria?

    It’s teh Glawbal Warmening! It makes distant places… No, wait, that doesn’t work.

    It’s teh Glawbul Climate Changening (formerly known as the imminent ice age). The cold makes everything shrink. Distant places are closer and more economical to ship from.

  8. MrAtoz wrote:

    “Those fucking Canadians:”

    Heh, A young woman in a class I once took was an exchange student in Paris for a year, and noticed a guy in a car jerking off. She was incredulous, and told her host family about it. Their response was that he was doing it in his car, so it was private, and why was she looking? She wasn’t impressed.

  9. Added a Genie DVR (five tuners and 1 TB hard drive) to my current DirecTV HD two tuner DVR today. Both DVRs automatically networked themselves to each other and you can watch recorded stuff anywhere. It is very, very nice. Much nicer than I thought it was going to be. And the Genie is much faster than my old DVR, a nice bonus.

    And my Aggies of Texas A&M lost to LSU today. Johnny Football looks hurt. His NFL option may have just gone away for a year or so.

  10. For the fans of “Revolution” around here. My brother was a finalist to be set decorator on it for the second season, filming now outside Austin. He’s now glad he didn’t get it. They filmed last year in Wilmington, NC and the scuttlebutt was that they had “labor problems” with the Teamsters, so they moved to Austin. Well, my brother’s friends that are on the crew are overworked. 15-16 hour days are common, 6 days per week. That wouldn’t be so bad except that the filming sites are an hour’s drive out of town. So that 16 hour day is now an 18 hour day portal-to-portal. There have been two crew members that had car crashes when they fell asleep driving home. There was a crew meeting called and one of the assistant directors told the crew that if they were tired, to take a nap in their car before going home. (The regular cast and out-of-town crew would be taken to and from their hotel to filming sites by car or van, so they don’t have to worry about it.)

    He’s been able to poach a few people back from it for his new gig as set decorator on a new TV series (“From Dusk Till Dawn”, based on the movie of the same name) that’s filming for the premiere of a new cable channel, El Rey network. The target audience is second and third generation Latinos that speak English.

  11. “Those fucking Canadians”

    I must point out that masturbation is not the same as fucking, so you would be more correct in saying “Those fapping Canadians”.

    I once saw a very pretty woman masturbate in her car while stuck in rush hour traffic, while I watched from the window seat of the bus. I felt no need to complain to anyone.

  12. Yes, it’s people like Wakefield who make me wish hell did exist so that he and the others like him could rot there.

  13. We can approximate Hell as soon as we have effective direct insertion of sensory input to the brain. We can put our victim in a sensory deprivation tank (or directly shut off his physical senses, if we can do that, then put sensors on, say, Michelle Obama’s vibrator and feed the perceptions directly into the victim’s brain. If that isn’t Hell, it’s close enough.

    And for all of you reading this, Merry Christmas! That threw-up-in-my-mouth-a-little is my early gift to you all.

  14. Thanks so much, Mr. SteveF!

    Interesting info from ech, too; wow. I hope those guys at least get paid well. I saw about ten minutes of that “Dusk to Dawn” piece of chit and bailed.

  15. Speaking of anti-vaxers…

    An Australian anti-vaxer group with the Orwellian name Australian Vaccination Network is being forced to change its name:

    AMA NSW president Brian Owler says the AVN has a right to exist but not to mislead.

    “The State Government should be commended on its efforts to improve the health of children through its support of vaccination and its stand against the anti-vaccination lobby,” associate professor Owler said.

    “The importance of vaccination cannot be understated in helping to keep children free from harm.

    “Ultimately, your family GP is your best source of advice about vaccination.”

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