Thursday, 14 November 2013

07:50 – I just read a disgusting article in the morning paper. A local woman was just sentenced for starving her little dog to death. She left it in a crate, with a bag of dog food inches away, and just didn’t bother to feed it. The autopsy said the dog had literally starved to death, ultimately digesting its own bone marrow. What’s particularly horrifying is that the woman obviously had been giving the dog water because otherwise it would have died much sooner. She just didn’t bother to feed it. Although such animal abuse has been a felony in North Carolina since 2010, the judge sentenced her to community service and suspended all but 30 days of the jail sentence for the felony. He even let her serve just nine days in jail now, with the other 21 days to be served at her convenience over the coming months. If I’d been the judge, I’d probably have sentenced her to 30 days in jail to be served consecutively. Oh, yeah. She could have all the water she wanted, but no food for 30 days.

10:14 – Can Obamacare survive an enraged middle class?