Tuesday, 19 November 2013

07:18 – Hmmm. I just read an article on the front page of our morning paper. The new chief of police is asking for $10,000 in taxpayer money to fund a gun buyback. He plans to pay $150 for each “assault rifle”, $100 for each “handgun”, and $75 for each rifle or shotgun. But I have a cunning plan. I’m going to talk to Barbara about us doing a free-market gun buyback. We’ll pay 50% more than the city is paying for firearms in the first and third categories. (We won’t be able to buy pistols, because even private transactions for pistols require applying to the sheriff’s department for a “pistol permit”.) The city program doesn’t mention ammunition, but we could offer to buy that, too. Hmmm.

13:44 – Rats! I hate it when I come across a neologism that I should have coined myself. Oh, well, there’s nothing for it but to steal it, file off the serial number, and start using it myself. This one is from a book I’m currently reading. The author is Toni Dwiggins, and the title is Badwater, one of a series of forensic geology mysteries. Oh, yeah. The neologism is “onageristic estimate”.