Tuesday, 5 November 2013

10:00 – With less than five days of the month gone, we’re already at about 40% of kit revenues for November 2012. Of course, we could hit another dry spell any time, but otherwise it looks like this may end up being a pretty good month. We’re still in good shape on kit inventory for everything but the forensic science kits, so we’ll get started on another batch of those.

I almost ordered a couple of USB flash drives from Costco yesterday, which would have been a mistake. The drives had a “III” in their names, which I first assumed meant they were USB 3 drives. Fortunately, I checked the data transfer rates, which were only 4 MB/s for writes and 15 MB/s for reads. Geez. Costco didn’t have any reasonably fast drives, so I’ll just order something from Amazon. I have noticed that we’re now buying a very large percentage of the stuff we buy on-line from either Amazon or Costco.

17:27 – With five days of the month gone, we’re now at 96%+ of kit revenues for November 2012, thanks to a bulk order of chemistry kits from a public school distance-learning organization in Kansas. Of course, that also nearly wiped out our inventory of chemistry kits, so I’ll start tomorrow on getting another dozen or two of those assembled. Right after I get all those kits drop-shipped to the students in Kansas.