Saturday, 23 November 2013

09:11 – Kit stuff today, along with regular Saturday stuff. And we need to get Barbara’s new Kindle Fire HDX set up and working.

We just got another kit order from a customer in southern Alberta, which is Heartland country. This one was from a little hamlet about 10 or 12 miles from Okotoks, one of the primary shooting locations for the program. That’s five in the last year to this rural area south of Calgary, three that we shipped direct and two that we shipped to a receiving service just over the border in Montana. Given the relatively sparse population density, that’s pretty intense penetration. Homeschooling must be big in that area. It’s interesting to watch Heartland and know that people around there are using our kits.

12:35 – Very strange. I just had Barbara filling iodine solution bottles. We use 30 mL amber glass bottles for that. She ran out of bottles, so I went downstairs to bring up another case. The bottles are shrink-wrapped in sets of 168. As I cut the shrink-wrap, I noticed it was labeled “Made in Austria”. That’s simply weird. It’s weird enough for me to be ordering glass bottles from New York and having them shipped here, but I get free shipping. Ordinarily, low-value, high-mass items like glass bottles are produced and purchased locally. But these come from Austria? Geez.