Sunday, 10 November 2013

08:39 – As Barbara and I raked leaves yesterday, we didn’t realize that we were risking attack by predatory insects. According to the entomologist interviewed for the article, these insects “feed on caterpillars and people raking leaves.”

While she labels bottles, Barbara watches stuff on Netflix streaming that I don’t watch, things like Grey’s Anatomy. While she was doing that yesterday, FedEx showed up with the balance of the order from Amazon that I’d placed Thursday. As I was opening the box, the doctors on Grey’s Anatomy were talking with a young patient and her husband, one of whom commented that they thought they were prepared for anything. When the doctors asked what they meant, the patient and her husband explained that they were preppers but they didn’t make a point of telling people because everyone would think they were nuts. Then they started talking about bug-out bags and suggesting that the doctors should prepare several of them for themselves and keep them at home and in their vehicles.

So, of course Barbara asked me what was in the box. I told her there were several USB 3 flash drives and some other items that we’d use in kits. And then I pulled out the final item, a 10-pack of aluminized Mylar space blankets. For our bug-out bags.