Saturday, 9 November 2013

13:03 – I’m happy with Amazon Prime. I placed one order for half a dozen items Thursday. Two of them arrived yesterday and the others today. Also, with the addition of their watchlist queue, Amazon Prime Videos is now quite usable. Not as featureful as the Netflix queue, but good enough. At $79/year (~$6.50/month), it’s a no-brainer. Amazon has become to us what the Sears catalog was to our parents and grandparents. When I need to buy something, I check Amazon and Costco. Between them, they get most of our non-local purchases.

Barbara and I just spent a couple hours blowing/raking leaves. I tried to convince her to burn them, thereby returning their captured carbon dioxide to the atmosphere where it belongs, but she wouldn’t do it, probably because there’s a local law that forbids it.